A Welder in the Office

A Welder in the Office

How To Protect Your Hardwood Flooring From Your Pets

Gregory Walker

Are you worried that your pets may ruin your hardwood flooring? Hardwood flooring is a gorgeous addition to any home but many pet owners are afraid that hardwood and pets simply don't mix. Though hardwood can be more challenging with pets, it can still be a workable situation as long as you are conscientious about your hardwood's care. 

Place Rugs and Runners

In higher traffic areas you should put down rugs and runners. However, rugs and runners can move around and shift, especially under speedy pet paws. To avoid this, you may want to use rugs that have non-slip pads underneath them. This also makes the pads much safer. Make sure that the rugs and runners are thick enough to avoid being penetrated by your pet's claws, especially if you have smaller pets--small dogs and cats have smaller and thus sharper claws.

Wax and Seal Flooring More Often 

Your hardwood flooring wax will tell you how often you should use it. But if you have a lot of pets (or a lot of people), you should seal your flooring with wax more often than normal--perhaps up to twice as much. You should be able to tell when you need to wax again when the flooring starts becoming dull rather than shiny.

Sealing your flooring on a regular basis will not only reduce the appearance of scuffs and scratches but it will also make it more resistant to liquid spills and "accidents."

Clip or Protect Your Pet's Claws

For dogs, you should clip their claws regularly. In fact, when clipped by a professional your dog's claws shouldn't touch your hardwood at all unless they are moving extremely fast. For cats, you should either clip their claws or provide a scratching post so they can wear their claws down naturally. You can also use plastic claw caps, which fit over the cat's claws and prevent them from scratching.

Place Guards Under Doors

One of the most common issues that pet owners face is accidentally locking their pet in another room. During this time, most pets will try to escape by digging under the door. Of course this isn't successful but it is very damaging. Plastic guards can be used under doors to avoid this problem.

The good thing about hardwood flooring is that it can be easily resurfaced. By sanding down the flooring and then polishing it again, you can reduce the most significant damages. And, if you need to replace your hardwood flooring, you may have some wholesale hardwood flooring options that are inexpensive. To learn more, contact a company like The Floor Club with any questions you have.


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