A Welder in the Office

A Welder in the Office

Common Mistakes Made When Trying To Keep A Home Warm In Cold Weather

Gregory Walker

You can almost guarantee that if the furnace in your old house is going to kick the bucket, it is going to happen in the middle of winter when the temperature outside is anything but delightful. This is not your furnace's way of punishing you because you skipped your annual HVAC checkup last year, it is merely because the excessive cold puts more strain on a system that may already be having problems.

When you call for a furnace repair professional, you may have to wait a few hours for someone to arrive. When your home is already getting cold, you may be tempted to try a lot of things to keep your family warm while you wait. Here are a few mistakes you should not make when you are trying to heat up the house.

Building a Fire in a Gas Powered Fireplace

If you have an old gas powered fireplace in your home that you cannot use because the gas is out, building a wood fire in this space is out of the question. Some homeowners assume that is there is no gas being pumped to this area of the house it will be find to just put in a few sticks of wood and light a match. Unfortunately, gas fireplaces are not designed to withstand the excess smoke that comes along with a wood fire. Therefore, a wood fire in a gas fireplace will leave you with a house full of smoke and a huge mess to be cleaned up when the fire goes out.

Forgetting to Check the Chimney

If you do have a wood stove or wood fireplace, this is the easiest way to stay warm while you wait for the furnace repair professional to arrive. However, you have to make sure that there are no clogs in the chimney before you do. This may require you heading up on the roof to look for any signs of bird's nests, animals, or debris and cleaning out anything that you find. Starting a fire in a clogged fireplace or wood stove is not only going to fill the house with smoke, but create a fire hazard as well.

When your house is cold due to a furnace failure, it is easy to assume that finding a way to stay warm is easy. However, do not get in a rush and make a mistake that could pose a threat to your home and family. If you have to pack up the kids and head to a neighbor's house for a few hours, it can sometimes be a much better solution.


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