A Welder in the Office

A Welder in the Office

Keeping Your Roof In Tip-Top Shape

Gregory Walker

When springtime weather starts to warm up the area, people will begin doing their outdoor maintenance activities. One thing that should be maintained is your rooftop. After a season of cold weather including precipitation, the roof may be in need of some TLC to keep it from deteriorating further, leading to leaking areas. Here are some steps you can take to keep your roof doing its job properly.

Check Your Gutters

One important part of roof maintenance is the clean out of the gutter system. Water buildup in the gutters due to snow and ice can lead to areas of the roof having leakage when water is pushed up underneath the shingles. Take everything out of the gutters in order to avoid a backup.

Put on a pair of gloves to protect your hands and get up on a ladder so you can see what is lurking in your gutter system. Bring a bucket with you and scoop all material inside to be disposed. It may take several trips up and down the ladder to remove all the debris.

While up the roof, check the gutter system for areas that have cracks. Fill these in using sealant so water can flow throughout the gutter without leaking out. Test the gutters by using a garden hose to see if the water flows to the downspout without leaking.

Check The Shingles

Asphalt shingles can become damaged when there is an excess of moisture on the area. Snowfall that sits on a rooftop for months can cause the underlying shingles to become cracked and crumbled. Get up on your roof and do a visual inspection of the entire surface. Walk slowly across the roof, checking the shingles for areas of wear. If you notice pieces that are not in tact, peel them back from the rest of the roof and take a look underneath.

Moist roofing paper is a sign that the shingles on top are not doing their job properly. Remove the shingles and paper and place new paper in place. Use roofing nails to place new shingles where the older ones were located.

Take a close look at areas where there are protruding items coming from the roof, such as a chimney or vent. These areas are susceptible to water damage since water can get into cracks along side the protrusion. Make sure the flashing underneath the shingles around these areas is in tact and without rust. If you notice flashing that is out of place, remove the shingles and place new flashing in place to help keep water from getting to the wood underneath.

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