A Welder in the Office

A Welder in the Office

3 Signs You Need Sewer Repair Immediately

Gregory Walker

If your water pressure varies frequently and your water bill seems higher than it should be, you may need a sewer repair. Most people know that a terrible smell coming from under your house is a bad sign, but there are also other signs that are not as well-known. As a responsible home-owner who does not want to take out a second mortgage because the problem went on for too long, it is essential for you to know what signs your sewer is giving you. 

Look Closely At Your Lawn

If you have not given any extra or reduced time and attention to your yard and yet, it is suddenly greener, browner or wet, it may be because the sewer line is leaking. Because it is leaking the dirty water that is leaving your home, it can function as a fertilizer of sorts to your lawn or a new source of water. Regardless, your lawn is likely to get the brunt of the damage from a broken sewer line and even a greener lawn is a bad sign in this context. 

When Clogs or Backup Come Up Through the Pipes

Bathtubs, showers, sinks and toilets are often subject to backup from the broken sewer line. If the waste product cannot go outward, it is forced to go back in and that is obviously a messy, unpleasant situation. Since there is not really a good time for this to happen and it's never a positive sign, call a plumber (such as one from Drain-O-Rooteras soon as possible if you see (or smell) waste water returning to your home.

When Other Plumbing Problems Occur With No Obvious Cause

The sewer pipes are separate from the rest of your plumbing, but because the different plumbing systems exist so closely to one another, it is not unusual to see damage in other pipes. When a sewer line cracks, explodes or leaks, there can be significant force. That force, along with the water that continues to be released from the sewer pipe, could easily damage any nearby pipes.   

In conclusion, it is crucial to never delay an appointment with the plumber if you suspect a problem with the sewer line or any part of the plumbing systems. In only a brief period of time, the damage can worsen and the costs of repair can escalate. Unfortunately, the smell will also get worse and your neighbors could complain to you or the health department about the smell. There is no reason to risk it. 


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