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A Welder in the Office

Best Fencing For Large Dogs

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Making a dog part of the family can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience. Dogs make great playmates for children and can help teach responsibility. Dogs can also encourage family members to get out and get active by going on regular walks. Dog ownership also has its challenges. One of the biggest challenges is making sure that the family dog doesn't escape and wreak havoc across the neighborhood. This is often especially challenging with large dogs. Keeping a large dog contained inside the family home's yard can require some extra thought when it comes to choosing a fence. Luckily there are plenty of options.

Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fencing is a popular option for pet owners for many reasons. Chain link fencing is economical, durable, and requires little maintenance. The durability of chain link makes it a great choice for large dogs since it is unlikely that they will be able to damage the fence. Chain link fencing is also available in many different heights which is useful for large dogs who like to jump. Homeowners will be able to build a fence tall enough to prevent escape by jumping. Some of the disadvantages of chain link is that it is not the preferred aesthetic choice for many homeowners and that some clever dogs are able to climb up and over the fencing.

Wood Fencing

Wood fences are also a great choice for homeowners with large dogs. The main appeal of wood fencing is its classic look. Wood fencing is also able to be painted and stained in a variety of colors. It is a very versatile fencing type. This type of fencing is great for large dogs since it can be built tall enough to prevent jumping. Some of the downsides of wood fencing are that is requires more maintenance and is less durable than other types of fencing.

Vinyl Fencing

For homeowners who like the look of wood fencing but want a more durable alternative, vinyl fencing is a great choice. Like wood fencing, it can be tall enough to prevent a large dog from escaping but it does not require the same upkeep as a wood fence. Vinyl fencing is easy to wash off, which is great for dealing with muddy paw prints.

Wrought Iron Fencing

One type of fencing that many pet owners may not consider is wrought iron. Wrought iron fencing can be a great choice for large dogs. Wrought iron fences can be made tall enough to prevent escape. They are also very durable and can last for generations. The main drawback is that these fences are expensive

Choosing a fence with a large dog in mind can be quite a task. However, there are plenty of durable fence types that can keep a large dog contained and away from the neighbors. Contact a fencing company like General Fence Company for more information.


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