A Welder in the Office

A Welder in the Office

Sticky Substances That Can Ruin Your Asphalt, And How Sealcoating Can Protect It

Gregory Walker

Sealcoating your asphalt-covered driveway is the best way to preserve it and prevent costly repairs. However, even with a sealcoating, there are some sticky substances that can ruin your asphalt. Knowing what these substances are and how to prevent the damage they cause will help your sealcoat preserve your asphalt for years to come.

Automotive Oil

Asphalt and oil do mix, because they are both petroleum products. Unfortunately, the petroleum product in asphalt begins to separate from it when it attempts to reunite with its cousin, oil. Simply put, all the oil that leaks out of your car onto your asphalt driveway begins to break down the sealcoating and then bonds, or sticks, to the petroleum products in the asphalt. The asphalt breaks apart, and you get bumps, chunks, and holes in your driveway. The easiest way to prevent this is to repair and seal all of your car's oil leaks so that it does not drip onto the sealcoat and make its way down to the asphalt.

Chewing Gum

A good-sized chunk of chewing gum and fluctuating temperatures can stick the gum hard to the surface of your asphalt. If you attempt to scrape it off yourself rather than hire a professional, you can peel up a big part of the sealcoating. You may not notice it or see it, but a silver-dollar sized "hole" in the sealcoating leaves your asphalt exposed to the elements and other sticky substances that create problems. The best things you can do to prevent this problem are:

  • Do not spit chewing gum out onto your asphalt
  • Hire a professional to use powered steam to clean any new gum safely off of the asphalt (the hottest pressure washer may also eliminate many of the other substances that can ruin a good asphalt driveway)

Sealcoating and Maintenance

Another way to prevent repair issues with your asphalt is to reapply the sealcoat annually. Any and all unseen or invisible problems with the old layer of sealcoating are taken care of when a new coat is applied. If you can maintain your driveway in all of the above ways, the asphalt in your driveway should last about thirty years. If your driveway sees a lot of heavy traffic, it will not last as long, but proper maintenance will at least help the asphalt from cracking excessively, which can make the asphalt impossible to drive or walk on.


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