A Welder in the Office

A Welder in the Office

Does Your HVAC System Include A House Fan?

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From sunup to sundown, the sun blasts your home with UV rays. Such rays can heat up your roof, and heat can pass from there into your home. Even more alarmingly, UV rays will pass right through a double-pane window and heat up the inside of your home. In order to keep your home cool, your AC system has to counteract the advancing heat. If your home heats up throughout the day despite the continual effort of your AC system, the sun is winning the battle. Installing a house fan can help you to relieve the strain on your AC unit and save you money on cooling costs.  

What Is a House Fan?

A house fan is different than a ceiling fan in that it can vent heat out of your entire home at one time. To install a house fan, contractors will cut a hole in your ceiling near the center of your home. They can then insert the house fan in this opening and use trim to help the fan blend into your home. When you turn the house fan on, it will channel air out of your home through the attic; thus, installing a house fan may also necessitate the need for improved attic venting. 

How to Use a House Fan During the Day

During the day, you should use your house fan very little. If you notice that temperatures in your home are climbing, you can use the house fan to vent heat out of your home and pull cooler air up from your basement. A house fan should be sized to provide you with 30-60 air changes per hour. In other words, you should be able to vent heat out of your home in a couple of minutes. However, you should remember that a house fan does not cool air, it just pumps it out of your home. Thus, you can use the house fan here and there during the day to vent excessive heat out of your home, but you should trust your AC unit to take care of most of your cooling needs. 

How to Use a House Fan in the Evening

Once the sun begins to set and outside temperatures fall, you can turn off your AC unit, open the windows, and turn on your house fan to pump cool air into your home even as you vent hot air out. While an AC unit might take an hour or more to cool the air in your home after the sun sets, a house fan can cool your home in a matter of minutes. As long as nighttime temperatures are cool enough in your area, you can run your house fan through the night to give your AC unit a break. This will prevent wear and tear on your AC unit, but it will also save you money on operating costs in that a house fan uses a fraction of the energy that an AC unit uses. 

While you should not use a house fan to replace your AC unit, you can use a house fan to complement the function of your HVAC system. For further assistance, contact local professionals in air conditioning services.


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