A Welder in the Office

A Welder in the Office

How Can I Avoid Sump Pump Surprises?

Gregory Walker

Those who live in regions that are prone to flooding face chronic worry during periods of heavy precipitation that their sump pump isn't going to be able to handle all the water.

Homeowners coming home to a flooded residence have to forego relaxation for hours as they work frantically to minimize flood damage. This situation can cause constant stress and unpleasant surprises for many. 

Fortunately, the cell phone has created a means of avoiding surprises and perhaps even preventing floods. Nowadays, cell phone owners can stay constantly aware of the condition of their sump pits by using alarm systems or apps that send out alerts when water levels get dangerously high. 

Components of cellular sump pump alarms

If you don't have a smart phone, you can get a sump pump alarm system that will send out a text message when water levels are getting too high. This type of alarm system typically includes the following components:

  • Sending unit- The sending unit houses the SIM card and receives messages from the float switch. 
  • SIM card- A sump pump text message alarm system typically has its own SIM card. This means it runs independently from your cell phone and your home's WiFi. SIM cards can be found for these alarm systems that only charge you per message. This means you won't be charged for the cellular service unless a problem arises.  
  • Power supply- The system needs power to run. Systems can be equipped with a battery that will keep things running properly in case of a power outage. 
  • Float switch- The float switch monitors water levels and sends a signal through to the sending unit when water levels become too high. 

Smart phone apps

In addition to text messaging systems, there are also smart phone apps that monitor sump pit water levels. Sump pump manufacturers create their own apps that link up with the plumbing equipment they sell. These apps can not only indicate that flooding is occurring, but they can also send out messages for sump pump jams, power outages, or backup sump pump activation. 

Some sump pump notification apps can even send you a live video feed of the situation. These types of apps can not only be used to monitor your sump pump, but they can also monitor water levels in other fixtures like washing machines and bathtubs. 

Smart phone apps typically work over a WiFi connection rather than a cell phone connection, so the reliability of your Internet connection is important when you use this type of notification system.

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