A Welder in the Office

A Welder in the Office

4 Reasons Why You May Need New Windows

Gregory Walker

Your windows perform more functions than simply providing a view. They must also provide security from intruders, protection against the elements, and add to the attractive veneer that is the exterior of your home. Determining when it's time to consider replacement windows can be difficult, but the following guide can help.

#1: Check the Frames

Frame damage can make your windows useless when it comes to security and insulation. Splintered, cracked, or rotting wooden frames are both unattractive and a safety hazard, since the wood can give out and drop the glass. Metal frames are more likely to suffer dents, damaged paint, and rust. Vinyl frames are the most durable, but even they may suffer cracking due to age or extreme weather exposure. Your windows will no longer perform their full duties and they can become unsafe once the frames are damaged, so it's time to replace them.

#2: Look for Glazing Issues

Glazing is the manner in which the glass is sealed to the windows. A thin bead of caulking is typically used, especially on single pane windows. If the glass is loose in the frame or rattles, then the glazing is giving out. This can result in air leaks around the pane or even in the pain falling out of the frame completely. Double and triple pane windows are sealed into the frame so the insulative gas between the panes can't escape. The glazing, or seal, has given out on these windows if condensation begins to build up between the panes. This means the windows are no longer performing their job properly and it's time to consider replacement.

#3: Consider Your Comfort

Older windows can majorly impact your comfort inside your own home. For example, a drafty window can leave you feeling cold on winter evenings, while also negatively impacting your heating bill. Older windows may not insulate well against sound, so you may be subjected to the roar of nearby traffic and other annoying outdoor sounds. If any of these things are compromising your comfort, it's time to consider new windows.

#4: Lower Your Bills

Finally high heating and cooling bills are a major reason to consider new windows, especially if you have old single pane windows in your home. Replacing your windows with double-pane windows can save you between $126 and $465 a year on average, just in energy costs alone. Opt for durable vinyl so you won't be spending your energy savings on the painting or other upkeep chores that are necessary for wooden frames.

Talk to a window installer like Mitchell Window & Door for more information or to have new windows installed in your house.


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