A Welder in the Office

A Welder in the Office

How To Thoroughly Clean Your House

Gregory Walker

Have you recently come to the realization that, although your house looks nice, it is in need of a thorough cleaning? Perhaps you're having a wedding reception at your house or maybe you're hosting out-of-town guests this summer. For whatever reason you want to thoroughly clean your house, from cabinets to tile, here are some ideas that might make the job easier and faster.

The First Step - Before you start cleaning each room, ask family members to get rid of belongings they don't use or want anymore. Having clutter simply makes it difficult to do detail work. If you want to do the job yourself, so be it. However, remember that it takes a family to enjoy a home so each family member should do his or her share in maintaining a clean place to live. Consider giving assignments to each family member. For example, if Dad is going to be cleaning the garage, he would probably really appreciate some help on that tough job. When you get to the kitchen, it would be great to have help, too. Even little hands can clean the outside of the kitchen cabinets. Another idea on how to use family members to help you thoroughly clean the house is to make a chore chart. Write down the chore and ask family members to write their name beside the chore that he or she wants to do. 

Cleaning Days - Because the work will be extensive, it might be a good idea to select several days to get the job done. Be methodical about how you proceed. One good way to do that is to divide the house into areas of difficulty. For example, dusting is not a big deal. Do it the same day that you do a big job like cleaning all the windows. The kitchen and the utility room could be cleaned on the same day and all the bathrooms could be cleaned on another day. Walls and floorboards could be tackled on the same day, too. 

Hire Professionals - It is smart to save floors for the last chore to be done since there will be a lot of walking traffic during the rest of the cleaning project. Surface sweeping and mopping just don't do the job well. Since your goal is to have the house thoroughly cleaned, his would be a good time to hire professionals, like All American Stone & Tile Care Inc., to clean your tile floors. The workers that come have the training and the experience to know how to clean your tile without damaging it. Gentle cleansers will be used that will make your tile look like it did when it was new. And, just as important, state-of-the-art equipment will be used to clean the grout between the tile.

Choose one day a week to assess what needs to be done to the house that day and the following week. Once you get into a routine, you should be able to maintain the beautiful look you achieved on your cleaning days. 


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