A Welder in the Office

A Welder in the Office

Tips To Care For Your Wooden Decks This Spring

Gregory Walker

Has it been a while since you thought of deck maintenance? Neglecting your wooden decks can make them moldy and dirty, which could mean that you won't be able to enjoy those outdoor barbecues and lazy Sunday afternoons in your yard. Here is a simple guide on how you can keep your wooden decks in good shape this spring. 

Fix loose or corroded fasteners and nails

With time, nails and screws tend to pop out as the deck settles. These loose fasteners can be dangerous, as they can cause a board to come loose and cause injury. Remove any nail pops with a hammer and reattach the loose board with new screws that are longer than the ejected nail. You should also check for loose railings and reattach them with new fasteners. Talk with a professional, like Stritar Construction, to make sure your deck's construction is safe after your repairs.

Wash the decks

Your decks have probably accumulated dirt, leaves, and mud during the winter, so some quick washing could go a long way in giving them a fresher look. For starters, you should use a stiff-bristle brush to remove any twigs and leaves before using a pressure washer to clean the surface. Remember to keep the pressure stream moving to avoid gouging the wood and give it time to dry. 

Next, use a non-bleach deck cleaner to remove any ground-in grime that won't come off after using the pressure washer. Non-bleach cleaners typically don't remove the natural color of the wood or damage the wood fibers. 

Stain and seal

Wooden decks are usually vulnerable to the elements, so you should cover them with a wood preservative to keep them looking great. Choose a clear wood preservative that has a UV protector to cover the surface so as to prevent it from fading or being damaged by moisture and insects. Apply the preservative and go over the wet coat with a brush to give it a consistent finish and eliminate any puddles that could dry and end up turning into shiny pools of stain. Then allow the coat to dry. 

If you wish to bring new life to the wooden surface, an exterior stain will do. Use a semi-transparent finish on the decking area to add fade/moisture resistance, and then use a solid stain to highlight the railings and banisters. Be sure to let the preservative sit on the surface for a few minutes before applying the exterior stain so as to give it time to penetrate the wood fibers.  


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