A Welder in the Office

A Welder in the Office

Cotton Insulation: A Safe And Sustainable Alternative To Fiberglass

Gregory Walker

Fiberglass insulation has been the standard material used in attics and walls for many years. But there's another material that is gaining popularity, and for good reason. Cotton insulation is a bit harder to find than fiberglass insulation and may cost you a bit more, but it offers several advantages to fiberglass. Specifically, it is a safer choice for your family and a more sustainable choice for the environment. Here's a closer look.

Cotton insulation is made from recycled materials.

By choosing cotton insulation, you're helping reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. Most brands make their cotton insulation either entirely or mostly from recycled or reclaimed material – namely denim. The scraps leftover from making jeans, material from jeans and other denim items that are made improperly and can't be sold, and even used denim that is returned to collection centers can be used to make insulation. If it were not for the cotton insulation industry, most of this material would just end up in landfills, so your purchase is like a vote for recycling and reusing when possible.

Cotton insulation is safe to handle with bare hands.

Installing fiberglass insulation can be more difficult than you'd think, particularly because you have to be so careful to avoid inhaling the fiberglass strands or getting them on your skin. Fiberglass can make you itchy, and it's certainly not good for your respiratory tract. Cotton insulation, on the other hand, is absolutely safe to handle with your bare hands. It's just jean material, after all! You can install it while wearing shorts and a tank top -- and you don't need a respirator.

You don't have to worry about kids and pets coming into contact with cotton insulation.

If it's easy to access the attic in your home, you may worry about kids and pets getting up there and being exposed to fiberglass insulation. Getting fiberglass strands in their eyes or mouth would certainly not be good! While it would certainly be preferable for your kids and pets not to chew on cotton insulation, it's not nearly as big of an issue as them being exposed to fiberglass.

To learn more about cotton insulation, talk to an insulation contractor such as Tracy's Insulation, Inc. This safe, sustainable alternative to fiberglass will keep the heat in your home without harming anyone you love, and thanks to increasing awareness, it can be found at many home improvement stores.


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