A Welder in the Office

A Welder in the Office

4 Electrical Upgrades Ideal for an Exterior Dog Kennel

Gregory Walker

An exterior dog kennel is a great outdoor location for your pet to enjoy without running off or causing safety hazards. When setting up a dog kennel for your canine, you want to make the area as comfortable as possible. By hiring an electrician, you can have four different upgrades installed to the kennel area. Each of these upgrades will help improve the safety and comfort of your dog.

Light Sensors

When your dog goes out at night, it's important that they have visibility in the kennel area. Instead of having to manually turn on lights each time the dog goes out, you can have an electrician install lights with motion sensors in the kennel area. The wiring to the lights can be connected to a switch inside of the home. When the switch is on, the light will illuminate the kennel area each time the dog steps outside. This allows them to access toys, find spots for the bathroom, and make their way through the dark.

Radiant Floor Panels

A dog's kennel is often made with a cement base. During colder months, this can be uncomfortable for a dog to go outside and walk on. You can make things a little easier by having electric radiant floor panels installed. These floor panels provide a comfortable heat ideal for your dog to walk on. The panels can be set directly in concrete and can radiate heat through the stone. This won't just help make your dog more comfortable; in the winter, the extra heat can help melt snow faster and create an outdoor area for your dog.

Exterior Outlets

An electrician can run a conduit from your home to specific areas of the kennel. This allows you to plug in a number of electrical gadgets that you may use with your dog. For example, you may connect an automatic feeder or an interactive dog toy to keep your canine busy. Having easy access to outlets will help prevent you from stringing electrical cords all around the kennel.

Electronic Dog Doors

In some cases you may not want your dog to use the kennel. For example, you may not want your dog tracking in water during a rain storm. If this is the case, then an electrician can help you install electric dog doors. These doors can be operated using a remote or even an app on a wireless device. When your electronic dog door is connected to your home's electrical system, you will be able to easily open or lock the door as needed. This can also increase the safety of your home.

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