A Welder in the Office

A Welder in the Office

A Horse, Er, HOUSE of a Different Color: Things You Should Seriously Consider Before Painting Your House

Gregory Walker

Everyone has seen this at one time or another: a house painted in the weirdest color ever. When you drive by it, it makes your head swivel and do a double-take. What compels people to paint their homes' exteriors bright lime green or pale fuschia? The house certainly did not come with siding that color, and the homeowners could have easily changed it before painting the entire house that color. This is certainly one thing to keep in mind when you decide to hire some house painters to paint your home, but here are a few other things to seriously consider before painting your house.

Is the Color Offensive?

If you live in Los Angeles, it is a good idea to avoid painting your house certain gang-affiliated colors. Blue and red, for example, are off-limits color choices when repainting your home and living within the territory of either the Bloods or the Crips. Painting your house either color, even by accident, in the wrong neighborhood could encourage vandalism by the ruling gang in your neighborhood because it offends the members by reminding them of rival gangs. If you are in this awkward position, choose a neutral color like white, off-white, or gray.

Will the Color Be an Eyesore That Brings Down Property Values?

Believe it or not, vibrant and unusual colors can make a home quite an eyesore on the block. When other homebuyers are scouting out houses for sale in your neighborhood, they may quickly change their minds when they see a neon green and hot-orange house a few properties down. That can bring property values down, which could also result in many of your neighbors getting quite hostile about your color choices. You can pick a less common color, but just try to keep it on the less brazen side.

Are You Going to Try to Paint Brick?

Brick homes are the colors they are for a reason—that reason being the bricks, of course. Some people are compelled to disguise the bricks' natural colors by washing them in a pool of paint and making the bricks all but disappear. If you do not like the brick look, there is a better option. Color-tinted stucco can be applied over the bricks (instead of latex paint, which will peel and chip after a short while) and will make the brick look more colorful and less tacky. Just do not ask your painters to go overboard and tint the stucco plaster any "out there" color.

Talk to a painter such as J Maintenance Co about what color may be good for your house. 


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