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A Welder in the Office

3 Tips for Taking Care of Your New or Old Rain Gutters

Gregory Walker

Your rain gutters require help from you to stay in good condition. Many people make the mistake of neglecting their gutters until they require repair or outright replacement. Here are some of the things you need to stay aware of if you want your gutters to work for you for a long time to come.

1. You Have to Do More Than Remove Leaves from Your Rain Gutters

Most people understand that, at the very least, gutters should remain free of leaves and other debris. A good time to accomplish this is at the start of each season. Cleaning them before the weather makes any drastic changes is ideal. But there's more to keeping your gutters clean than just scooping out leaves.

  • Check the downspout for debris or anything that may clog or block it.
  • Clean the gutters; don't just remove debris.
  • Check the gutter channels and downspout for leaks or damage.

And don't worry: doing all of these things takes only slightly more effort than it does to climb up to the gutter and scoop it out by hand.

All you need is a hose to spray the channels. That will move debris and other things your hands cannot reach. It will also help you spot leaks. If you want a deep clean, then

  • remove debris with gloves,
  • spray the gutter and downspouts with a hose,
  • scrub the gutter channels with a stiff brush,
  • and then rinse again with the hose.

2. Help Your Rain Gutter to Protect Itself with Shields and Covers

You can use gutter covers and shields to help keep the worst of the debris out of your gutters. However, when using these products, do not assume you won't need to clean and maintain your gutters. Gutter covers can keep out a lot, but they cannot keep out everything.

In addition, the covers will require occasional cleaning as well. This is especially true if they have venting, which can clog after mold, mildew, and too many debris particles build up in them.

3. Consider Professional Maintenance for Your Rain Gutters

Your rain gutters suffer a tremendous amount of wear and tear since they sit exposed to the elements. Keeping them clean will allow them to last and perform for years, but eventually, they will need to repairing or replacing.

Professional maintenance will help you to tell whether it's close to time to repair or replace the gutters or downspouts. There are a few things a professional can judge better than most others, such as:

  • whether the slow of your gutter is right or needs adjusting
  • whether the gutter has issues that need repairing or outright replacing
  • whether the water is coming out at the proper angle and direction from the downspouts

You should also start with quality rain gutters from a reputable manufacturer or seller. Like most other things, the better the quality of the rain gutters, the better able they will perform for you. No matter what, make sure you consider these tips if you want to keep your rain gutters working for you as they should.


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