A Welder in the Office

A Welder in the Office

3 Reasons To Build A Smaller Custom Home

Gregory Walker

If you are in the process of building a custom home, you might be excited about building a big, nice house. However, you might want to consider going a bit smaller with your square footage. These are a few reasons to consider building a smaller custom home rather than focusing on more square footage.

1. Save Your Budget for Upgrades

First of all, by reducing your square footage, you can save some of your budget for other upgrades. For example, you might have extra money in your budget so that you can upgrade your countertops, light fixtures, flooring or other parts of your home. This can help you get the beautiful home that you really want without going over your budget, and you might find that you will enjoy these upgrades a lot more than you would enjoy extra space that you might not use, such as a bigger guest room or an extra bedroom.

2. Enjoy Lower Heating and Cooling Bills

Once you get into your new home and have to start making your house payments, you'll probably want to keep your utilities as low as possible. Luckily, many brand new custom homes are built in a very energy-efficient manner, so you might already save money over what you have usually paid for your heating and cooling. However, if you opt for a bigger house, you can expect for your utilities to cost more than if you chose a smaller house. By keeping your square footage down, you can keep your utilities low, too.

3. Leave More Lawn Space

Depending on where you build your home, you might be building on a smaller lot. If you have a bigger home, then you might not have very much yard space at all. Choosing a smaller home will leave you with more outdoor space. Then, you can build a bigger outdoor living space, which can help provide you with more living space and that can allow you to enjoy the outdoors.

Obviously, some people need more square footage when building a home, such as those with a big family or a lot of furniture. However, if you don't necessarily need a lot of square footage, you might find that building a smaller home will be a better idea. If you still aren't sure, talk to your custom home builder about your options and about some of the floor plans that have less square footage and a good layout.


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