A Welder in the Office

A Welder in the Office

Constructing Your Own Private Plane: How Steel Fabrication Services Can Help

Gregory Walker

Hobbies often take you in the strangest of directions. Take restoring your own private plane. These vehicles of the air require several steel plates that have to be secured to the body of the plane. You can only get what you need from a steel fabrication company. Here are a few other ways in which steel fabrication services can help you with this endeavor:


Steel fabrication companies can supply you with all of the rivets you will need to secure steel plates to your aircraft. The rivets are the only fastener that can be used in airplanes, as nails and screws can come loose and cause a crash. Be sure to supply the fabrication company with the size of your plane and the number of engines involved so that the rivets are the correct size and can manage the amount of air pressure your plane is expected to encounter in flight.


The wings of your plane are best constructed of one solid sheet of lightweight steel. The steel fabrication company can design the wings for your plane, and their mechanical engineer can make sure they are the proper length, width, and thickness. When the wings are each a single sheet of folded steel, they are less likely to come apart in flight than several smaller sheets riveted together.


All planes have tail fins, otherwise known as vertical and horizontal stabilizers. This trifecta of fins on the back end of your plane keeps it from banking and yawing all over the place. If the fins you have are damaged, the steel fabrication company can repair or replace them (although replacing them is highly recommended for safety reasons).

Landing Gear Support Bars

Wheels on a plane are connected to the plane by support bars. In a private plane, the wheels may remain down and out the whole time, instead of contracting into the belly of the plane. As such, you will need very strong support bars made of steel. These bars have to take the brunt of the weight of the plane as it lands, which is why steel is an excellent material for these components. Make sure you have the exact measurements for these components so that the steel fabrication company can reproduce them accurately.

Any Other Parts You Will Need

The vast majority of parts on any plane are steel. The purpose is to seal out air and maintain proper decompression levels in the air. If you find that you need anything else made of steel for your plane, the fabrication company can help with that too.


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