A Welder in the Office

A Welder in the Office

Kids, Don't Try This At Home! The Amazing Science Behind Arc Stud Welding

Gregory Walker

Want to know why arc stud welding is restricted to those with a license and a particular age group? Because there are about twenty different ways stud welding could go wrong when you do not know what you are doing and are too young to be wielding deadly tools. That said, the science behind stud welding is fascinating enough that you can show it to high school students (so long as you are in an enclosed space and students can safely watch from outside).

Fastening Metal in Milliseconds

There is no faster way to join pieces of metal together than through stud welding. You can stud weld two pieces of metal together in, literally, milliseconds. In fact, if you conduct an experiment to prove this fact to your students, have them use scientific stopwatches to see how fast the studs bond metal together.

Where Heat and Applied Pressure Meet

If you are also discussing how heat and pressure can change objects, stud welding fits the bill. You have to use the extreme heat of the welder gun to melt the metal and make it just soft enough for the stud gun to quickly drive a stud bolt through the softened metal. Your students can see just how soft the metal becomes, how quickly the bolt sinks through, and how extremely tough and strong the united metal becomes when it cools. This is also a good visual aid if you are talking about the formation of rocks or diamonds, chemical composition changes, or even objects that are changed on a molecular or ionic level.

Compressed Air

The stud bolt driver requires compressed air. Without any bolts loaded in the driver, you can allow some of your students to feel the pressure as they pull the trigger. (The bolt driver should be pointed down to promote safety and prevent injury.) When your students feel the force of the bolt driver, they will get a better understanding of what it takes to drive a stud bolt into molten metal, even though the metal is soft or melted.

Momentum and Control

Finally, your students can learn about momentum and control from arc welding. (Make sure you have enough arc welding supplies for whatever experiment or subject you are trying to illustrate.) A bolt driver or stud gun has some serious kickback from the compressed air. With an empty stud gun, shoot away from the class. Allow the kickback to push you forward and follow the momentum. Then repeat to show the amount of control needed to prevent these reactions. Discuss the impacts with your class.  

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