A Welder in the Office

A Welder in the Office

How To Pick Between A Double And Single Entryway Door

Gregory Walker

You don't need to design your dream home from the bottom up just to get the front door you've always dreamed of, since replacing entry doors is one of the easier home improvement projects. Since entry doors face the world outside your home, they make a huge impact on your home's exterior appeal. Before you can choose a material or a color, it's a matter of choosing the size. Deciding whether a single or double door is right for your entryway is as simple as considering these five factors.


First, consider exactly how visible a certain entryway is before deciding to splurge on a double door. Since the appeal of a double door is largely visual, you don't need to install one for a side entry that is hidden away from the rest of the world. Most homeowners only install double doors as the front entryway, but using them in the back of the home is helpful if that part of your structure is actually more visible to the public. Other homeowners install a pair of double doors as the front and back entryways for a cohesive look, especially when the main hall of the home is open and leads directly between both sets of doors.

Total Width

The extra width offered by a second door is the biggest practical benefit of a double door. No matter how much you love your mattress or couch, eventually you'll need to get it out of the home and bring its replacement inside. Even small pieces of furniture can become stuck in a single-width doorway due to unusual shapes or protruding parts. Opening up part of a wall is often the only alternative to bringing in an oversized object, and that amount of effort definitely costs more than an upgrade from a single door to a double model. A double door is also more accessible for wheelchair users and people relying on other mobility aids.

Space for Entry

Entry doors need to open inward for security reasons, so you'll need enough space to accommodate the swinging doors on both sides in order to install a double design. This is why you usually see these grand entrances in larger entry ways where there's plenty of room. Installing a double door entering into a small or narrow room increases the likelihood of you accidentally damaging the walls or your furnishings when the doors are swung open to their full reach.


Do you prefer to use a screen door to allow air and light to flow into your home when the weather is nice? It's much easier to use a screen door with a single-width door, especially with regards to security. Double doors are less secure in general, but choosing a design with a built-in locking system with three points helps compensate for the weak point that is the middle seam where the two doors come together. Insect screening for double doors must pull all the way across both sides of the door, making it less convenient to use than a simple hinged screen door.


Finally, double entryway doors almost always cost more than a single door model. This is why most homeowners only install one or two double doors at the most and use single exterior doors for any less important entryways. You can get a more secure single door for the same cost as a weaker double door, but there are plenty of very secure double doors to choose from as long as you have the budget for them. The style factor is what motivates most homeowners who decide to spend the extra money for a set of double doors.


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