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A Welder in the Office

When & How To Prune Your Trees

Gregory Walker

If you want to take great care of the trees in your yard, pruning is one way to promote healthy growth. Pruning works the best when you know when and how to prune your trees.

When To Prune Your Trees

When you should prune your trees depends upon the type of trees in your yards. For trees that flower in the spring, you actually want to prune them after the flowers fall off your trees in the spring.

The flowers grow on old growth, so if you trim your spring-blooming trees before they bloom, you'll have a lot less flowers on your trees. For summer blooming trees and deciduous trees, the best time to trim them is late winter, before they exit the dormancy period. 

Evergreen trees do not need to be trimmed on a regular basis to permit healthy growth; they only need trimmed if you want to shape them or if they have any dangerous or diseased branches. If you have an evergreen tree that needs to be trimmed, do so in late winter. 

How to Prune Your Trees

How you prune your trees is just as important as when you prune your trees. Pruning your trees is about promoting healthy growth. When you prune your trees, you should not be stripping away all the branches. You want to prune as few branches as possible to promote healthy growth.

The first type of branches you should prune are damaged branches, such as ones that have partially broken off or branches that exhibit characteristics of being diseased. After that, you want to get rid of springers, branches growing up from the base of the tree. Then, you want to focus on thinning the branches in areas where too much competition is occurring.

When you prune, you want to cut close to the trunk of the tree. If the branch is really heavy, you may want to cut it off in stages, cutting off the outer part of the branch, then the middle part of the branch before making the final cut close to the trunk of the tree. The final cut should be sharp and clean, and not ragged or jagged. A clean cut will help up quickly, which is important to prevent the transmission of disease. Diseases can infect rough cuts that do not heal properly, leading to greater issues for your trees.

Take care of your trees by pruning them at the proper time of year for the type of tree, and make sure that you always make clean cuts close to the trunk of the tree. Contact a company like Schulhoff Tree & Lawn Care, Inc. for more help.


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