A Welder in the Office

A Welder in the Office

3 Tips For Transforming Your Basement Into A Usable Space

Gregory Walker

Other than a way to access pipes and wiring, an unfinished basement is not of that much use. It is not a good place to store items, due to the dampness, and it is not another living area, due to the state that it is in. If you want to transform your basement from an unfinished space into a functional and usable space, there are a few things you need to tackle first.

Get Rid of Moisture

First, you are going to need to get rid of any moisture in your basement. How you get rid of it depends on the source of the moisture. Most moisture makes its way into your home from the outside around the foundation, so that is a good place to start.

If the soil around your home's foundation is slated towards your home, that is one likely source of water in your basement. The soil should be graded away from your home.

Next, make sure that your gutters and downspouts are working correctly. When they are misaligned or misdirected, a lot of water can go in the wrong direction.

You may also need to reseal the walls of your basement and install a sump pump. Stop the moisture in your basement before moving onto the next steps in transforming your basement.

Insulate the Rim Joints

Second, you need to deal with the temperature of your basement. Basements are often on the colder side because they are underground. This issue is further exacerbated by poor insulation in many basements.

One of the first steps you can take to make your basement better insulated starts with the rim joins. Rim joints are often left exposed in basements. To start with, you are going to want to install insulation around the rim joints. You are also going to want to caulk around your rim joints, as well. Proper insulation around the rim joints can go a long way towards making your basement warmer.

Use Drainage Mats on Your Floor

Most basements have cement flooring as a base. If you have a cement basement flooring, you are going to want to make sure that you have a moisture barrier between the cement base of your flooring and any new flooring that you install.

Putting down a drainage mat or a dimple mat will keep the air circulating. It also works great as a source of insulation. You can then put your other flooring on top of the drainage mat.

If you want to change your basement into a usable space, you first need to eliminate any moisture or wetness in your basement; then, you need to improve the insulation, and install a moisture barrier.

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