A Welder in the Office

A Welder in the Office

Understanding Water Well Pumps

Gregory Walker

If you live in the middle of a city, then the odds are you get your water straight from the city's water supply. However, once you move out of town and position yourself in a more rural setting, the chances get higher for you to need a water well to obtain the water for your home. If you aren't familiar with living in a home that uses well water, then it's a great idea for you to gather more knowledge on the topic of pumps and that's where this article can help.

Understand what a water well is – When you have a well, there is an underground water source and a well pump is used to extract the water from it. This is where your home will be getting all of its water from for you to do everything, such as watering your lawn to bathing, cooking, washing dishes, drinking, etc.

Understand how a water well works – When you have a water well, there is normally a system in place to lift the water out of the underground well itself and then take it to a tank for storing. In the tank, the water will be put under the proper amount of pressure and it will remain there until it is needed by the household. When it comes to the pumps used to draw the water from the well, you'll find that the are generally a submersible pump or they are a jet pump.

Understand the features of a jet pump – A jet pump is a motorized one with a design that allows it to move the water away from a wall where it uses the motor to pup that water. It works in conjunction with a pressurized tank that makes sure the water gets spread out at an even measurement throughout the home. This helps to prevent issues from arising from one area getting too much water and other areas not getting enough.

Understanding the features of a submersible pump – A submersible pump, which is also commonly called a 'sub pump' will also come with the water pump and motor design, but it has an additional check valve inside of it. One thing that can be different with using a sub pump is that it may not use that pressurized tank. In this way, you may find that a jet pump is the better option for you to go with, if you have the chance to choose.

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