A Welder in the Office

A Welder in the Office

2 Tips For Using Ready-Mix Concrete For Your Home's New Walkway

Gregory Walker

If you have decided that you need a paved walkway on your home's property, you may decide to take on the job yourself by ordering ready-mix concrete from a contracting company. However, if this is the first time you have used this type of material, you may wonder if there is anything special you need to do to ensure that it stays strong and intact during the drying process. If so, use the following tips for using ready-mix concrete for your home's new walkway.

1.  Reinforce the Cement to Give Your Sidewalk Added Durability

When you go to the trouble of pouring fresh cement to create a walkway, you want the concrete to last for a long time. And, while you can add more concrete mix to the water to make the cement stronger, it will still be prone to cracking and crumbling if it is poured freely into an improperly prepared space.

To help add strength and durability to your walkway, you need to take steps to add a reinforcing base for the cement. While concrete is often reinforced with steel bars, you may not need to go to that extreme, especially if your sidewalk is not very thick.

Instead, you can use a wire mesh that will hold the cement together as it dries. If you are unsure as to how to place the mesh or uncertain about the correct size, speak with the concrete company for guidance.

2.  Cover the Wet Cement to Prevent Cracking

Since the cement will take a few days to fully dry and cure, the surface will be exposed to the elements, especially wind and moisture. Even on a calm day with no wind, the air above the cement will dry out the surface faster than the underlying mix. If this happens, the surface may start cracking as it dries. Covering the wet cement can help prevent this.

Also, if rain or even dew settles on the walkway, it may create uneven drying on the surface that could also lead to cracking. However, if you lay plastic or a damp cloth over the walkway, the moisture will be even, and it will help protect the cement from air and uneven moisture. This will help to keep the surface from developing cracks.

Using the above tips can help ensure that your walkway stays strong and damage-free while the cement dries and cures. For more information, speak with a company who supplies ready-mix concrete.


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