A Welder in the Office

A Welder in the Office

A New Spin On A Standard Concrete Patio

Gregory Walker

If you like the properties associated with concrete, but don't particularly prefer the plainness of a solid paved surface, decorative concrete is an alternative that will ramp up the aesthetical appeal of your commercial property. Polished concrete, inlays, stamping, and stain make up decorative concrete features and each of these will add a fresh element to your land.

Upgrading The Concrete May Take Place Before Or After The Pouring

There are so many interesting concrete styles and some of them may even resemble parquet or wooden flooring, bricks, or cobblestone. Deep etching will make it seem as if multiple building materials have been carefully lined up and installed, to create a patio or a walkway. There are also decorative features that consist of changing the color of concrete and adding a deep pigment or a sparkly or a shiny sheen to concrete. 

Cosmetic upgrades are often executed prior to the pouring of the concrete. For instance, if you would like a paved surface to possess a distinct color, which will complement the colors of your commercial building's exterior, you can request that the raw concrete mix has dye added to it. For a standard-colored patio that is going to have some detailing added to it, inlays or stamping will be performed once the concrete has been poured and has received ample time to set.

Strategizing The Decorative Features Will Be Beneficial

When you hire a concrete contractor to complete the installation of a new patio, ask about the complexity involved in any of the decorative features that you prefer. Additionally, seek guidance with choosing some upgrades that will not be difficult to maintain.

If you love the look of polished concrete that has deep grooves in its surface, you may not be particularly fond of this type of patio if there is going to be a lot of foot traffic each day or if you have heavy furnishings and other items that could potentially scratch the surface of the patio.

For help with choosing an aesthetically pleasing patio that will be easy to maintain, request some layouts that implement both smooth and detailed concrete, but that will have a fancier style strategically placed so that your patrons or heavy and sharp items won't damage or stain the detailed parts of the patio.

The installation of a new patio will result in needing to close a portion of your commercial property, until the project is complete. Before having the patio installed, make alternate arrangements for your staff and customers concerning where they will walk when approaching your business.

If you want to spice up your patio, look into a decorative concrete contractor near you. 


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