A Welder in the Office

A Welder in the Office

  • 2 Tips For Using Ready-Mix Concrete For Your Home's New Walkway

    If you have decided that you need a paved walkway on your home's property, you may decide to take on the job yourself by ordering ready-mix concrete from a contracting company. However, if this is the first time you have used this type of material, you may wonder if there is anything special you need to do to ensure that it stays strong and intact during the drying process. If so, use the following tips for using ready-mix concrete for your home's new walkway.

  • Redeveloping Your Landscape? Here's How to Keep Things Clean, Safe, and Organized

    If you're planning to redevelop your landscape design, it's important to consider safety and organization. Here are three things you can do to keep your project site clean, safe, and organized overall: Rent a Dumpster The best way to keep your property clean and free of unneeded debris is to have a rental dumpster dropped off in front of your home to sit there throughout the duration of your landscape project.

  • 3 Tips To Protect Your Asphalt Paving In Winter

    Proper asphalt maintenance can help preserve your driveways and pavements all year, saving you money on constant repairs and ensuring your paved surfaces remain safe for use by both vehicles and pedestrians. Typically, cold weather can be particularly devastating to asphalt paving, as snow and ice can cause water seepage that could damage the foundation or expand cracks. To ensure your asphalt paving emerges undamaged from the next winter, here are a few preventative measures you can take.

  • 5 Tips For Keeping Your Air Conditioning Costs Down

    When it is the middle of the summer and the temperatures are scorching hot, you just want to run your air conditioner all day. That can get expensive though. Before you know it, your energy bill can cost hundreds of dollars a month. However, if you make some changes, you can save money on cooling costs. Here are five helpful tips for keeping your air conditioning costs down: Do not Use Your Oven

  • 4 Electrical Upgrades Ideal for an Exterior Dog Kennel

    An exterior dog kennel is a great outdoor location for your pet to enjoy without running off or causing safety hazards. When setting up a dog kennel for your canine, you want to make the area as comfortable as possible. By hiring an electrician, you can have four different upgrades installed to the kennel area. Each of these upgrades will help improve the safety and comfort of your dog. Light Sensors

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A Welder in the Office

Hi, I'm Caroline. Welding has always been really fascinating to me. One day, when I was at work in my office, we had a leaky pipe in the ceiling. After calling a plumber, he called a welder who came to repair the large, open pipe. As we were all sitting there trying to work, the welder just came in and started repairing the pipe! I had never worked on a construction site before, and I probably never will. But I started thinking about what it would actually be like to work on a construction site, which led to me exploring construction themes and writing this blog!