A Welder in the Office

A Welder in the Office

  • Important Roofing Safety Tips

    If you're a do-it-yourselfer, you'll want to be as careful as possible when you're carrying out repairs around your home. One of the most important places to be extra cautious with your physical safety is when you're doing something on your roof. The ladder itself can be hazardous, but once you're on the roof, the steepness of the roof can also pose a danger. Make sure that you adhere to the following safety tips whenever you're working on the roof.

  • Clogged Drain Giving You A Problem? Learn The Proper Use Of A Plunger

    While sometimes a clogged drain requires a plumber to clear you should always attempt to fix the problem yourself with a plunger. However, if you are using it wrong, you may compact the debris and make the clog harder to remove. If you keep pushing and plunging and are not getting any results at all, read these tips to be sure you are plunging the most effective way. Pull, Don't Push

  • Want A Living Room In Your Backyard? Use This List For The Ultimate Outdoor Oasis

    If you're like most people, you look forward to warmer weather so that you and your family can enjoy some scrumptious food from the grill. However, you can add to your outdoor space by providing a great living room area. This list offers ideas to bring the indoors out, so that you'll be able to enjoy the space, even after the sun goes down. The Right Flooring Start planning your outdoor living room by choosing the flooring.

  • Remodeling Your Home? Here's How To Keep Your Belongings Safe

    If you are remodeling your home, you are probably excited about the improvements that you will be making to your household. One thing that you might be concerned about, however, is your belongings being damaged during the process. Fortunately, these ideas can help you keep your possessions safe while you are making major changes to your house. Block it Off Your first line of defense is to securely block off the area of your home that is being remodeled.

  • 4 Trees That Stay Healthy And Attractive In Seacoast Gardens

    The seacoast can be a pleasurable place to take a stroll, walking along the sandy beach. But, these areas an also be blustery with salt-laden winds, which people can find shelter from, but trees cannot. Trees grown in coastal areas must be able to tough it out or die. There are trees that can stand up to all the sea coast can throw at them and remain fresh and healthy-looking through it all.

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    A Welder in the Office

    Hi, I'm Caroline. Welding has always been really fascinating to me. One day, when I was at work in my office, we had a leaky pipe in the ceiling. After calling a plumber, he called a welder who came to repair the large, open pipe. As we were all sitting there trying to work, the welder just came in and started repairing the pipe! I had never worked on a construction site before, and I probably never will. But I started thinking about what it would actually be like to work on a construction site, which led to me exploring construction themes and writing this blog!