A Welder in the Office

A Welder in the Office

  • How Sealcoating Protects Your Pavement From Damage

    Sealcoating is a type of preventive maintenance that experts recommend you perform on your driveway or parking lot every so often. You can either have a professional do it or buy the equipment and do it yourself. It's a rather messy job and requires you to keep vehicles off the surface for a while after coating, but it's a necessary step to keep your pavement weather-safe and prevent rapid deterioration. Here are some of the basics of how this works.

  • 3 Tips for Taking Care of Your New or Old Rain Gutters

    Your rain gutters require help from you to stay in good condition. Many people make the mistake of neglecting their gutters until they require repair or outright replacement. Here are some of the things you need to stay aware of if you want your gutters to work for you for a long time to come. 1. You Have to Do More Than Remove Leaves from Your Rain Gutters Most people understand that, at the very least, gutters should remain free of leaves and other debris.

  • Have An Unused Well On Your Property You'd Like To Put Back Into Service? Where Should You Start?

    Whether you've recently purchased a property with an old, unused well or have discovered such a well on land you've owned for years, you may be wondering whether it's worthwhile (or even possible) to put this well back into service. Fortunately, in many cases, revitalizing an old well is relatively simple and can provide you with a backup or even primary source of fresh, clean water. Read on to learn more about the steps you'll need to take to determine whether it's viable to return your well to service and what you'll need to do to get started.

  • 3 Tips To Protect Your Asphalt Paving In Winter

    Proper asphalt maintenance can help preserve your driveways and pavements all year, saving you money on constant repairs and ensuring your paved surfaces remain safe for use by both vehicles and pedestrians. Typically, cold weather can be particularly devastating to asphalt paving, as snow and ice can cause water seepage that could damage the foundation or expand cracks. To ensure your asphalt paving emerges undamaged from the next winter, here are a few preventative measures you can take.

  • A Horse, Er, HOUSE of a Different Color: Things You Should Seriously Consider Before Painting Your House

    Everyone has seen this at one time or another: a house painted in the weirdest color ever. When you drive by it, it makes your head swivel and do a double-take. What compels people to paint their homes' exteriors bright lime green or pale fuschia? The house certainly did not come with siding that color, and the homeowners could have easily changed it before painting the entire house that color. This is certainly one thing to keep in mind when you decide to hire some house painters to paint your home, but here are a few other things to seriously consider before painting your house.

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